Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with Debenhams!

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and let’s be honest a lot of guys leave it till last minute to buy presents!

This year I’m going to be treating myself as I’m single this year but you know what that doesn’t bother me in the slightest as I can get exactly what I want and will be celebrating Galentine’s day at the weekend!

I was an incredibly lucky lady this year and I have partnered up with Debenhams to bring you some Valentines gift ideas!

Here are two of my top picks for gifts, I’d be absolutely over the moon if I received either of these!

So here goes….

My two favourite picks are a beautiful Kimono by Ted Baker, this is a stunning pink floral design and makes you feel sexy the minute you put it on! I mean it’s how you feel that counts right? I’m pretty sure anyone’s other half wouldn’t have an issue seeing them in this too!

My second pick is a Debenhams exclusive! It’s the stunning new Guerlain Fragrance called “Mon Guerlain bloom of rose” I’m a huge fan of the original Mon Guerlain and this is equally as beautiful it’s a soft sexy floral scent which is the perfect feminine fragrance. I sprayed this at 8am and by 6pm I could still smell it so the lasting power is amazing, that’s with no top ups during the day.

I have left the links to my two favourites below so you can easily shop them, I’ve also left a link to Debenhams Valentines Gift guide which showcases so many more amazing gift options:

Ted Baker Kimono:

Guerlain Perfume:

Debenhams Valentines Gift List:

I want to wish you all an amazing Valentines or Galentines depending which you are going to be celebrating!

Let me know in the comments if you have anything super special planned!

Love Kirsty Marie xox

My Goals for 2019!


So I know I’m pretty late posting this but better late than never? 

2018 was the year I really started to get into Instagram and created my blog. Personal life was a mixed bag but more highs than lows!

Honestly my list of goals are pretty extensive for 2019, but I wanted to narrow them down to things I will actually be able to achieve rather than pipe dreams! 

So here goes, 5 things I hope to achieve in 2019!

Goal 1 – blog blog blog!

So I started this blog last year and definitely didn’t get as many posts out as I wanted to. This year I want to make sure I post at least once a week.

I also want to include more of my life and personal posts as I want you to all be able to connect with me more. So be prepared to enter the slightly crazy world of Kirsty Marie!

Goal 2 – Get fitter!

So not only do I want to get fitter as in start to do some exercise I am going to be following a slimming world plan, my aim is to be 2 dress sizes smaller by 2020, I mean I’d love to actually be 3 but I’m being realistic here because your girl loves a cake!

I don’t want to restrict myself to much so that I’m constantly hungry and grumpy as that’s not good for myself or anyone around me.

No one wants to deal with hangry Kirsty! Lol!

Goal 3 – Push myself out of my comfort zone!

This year I really want to push myself out of my comfort zone, one thing I definitely want to do is try to date more however that means overcoming my anxiety around meeting new people in a “date” situation.

I also want to start learning to drive again, I mean I was learning last year then got really anxious over it and stopped. I’m not sure what it was about it but I think I just need to take it at my own pace and hopefully pass before I’m 30!

Goal 4 – Start to do get ready with me videos:

So for a long time I’ve wanted to start producing short “get ready with me” style videos on Instagram and also live testing of products. Possibly then depending how well they do branch out to YouTube.

The main reason I haven’t before as the world seeing me without make up on it’s pretty daunting!

A confession for you all, I don’t actually leave my house without make up on, it’s a confidence issue which this year I am working on!

So what better way that to just show my naked face to the Instagram world? *slightly peeing my pants still*

Goal 5 – Put myself first!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been someone who puts other people before myself, this means I’ve sadly said no to a lot of opportunities that I know I’d have loved.

This year I’m putting me first, I’m going to say yes more and go for things that will make me happy.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not going to turn into a super bitch, but sometimes I’m to nice for my own good and it only ends up with me being hurt.

So I hope you’ve enjoyed reading my goals and will be around this time in 2020 to see how I’ve done!

2019 I’m ready for you!!!


Kirsty Marie xox

A Guide for her – beauty and more!

It’s fast approaching the big day when Santa will be sliding down our chimneys and delivering us all some amazing gifts.

Thankfully I started early this year and I’m now all finished, even wrapped so tomorrow won’t be stressful for me 🥳 bring on the food and Prosecco!

BUT if you still need to get a few bits for someone female in your life, Mum, sister, girlfriend, here are a few ideas!

I thought I would put together a mixture of gift ideas including jewellery, skincare and of course a few cosmetics!

These are all from some of my favourite brands, I have also left links so you know where to go to pick these up!

Bioderma skincare:

I am a huge fan of their skincare products, I love the fact that they have several lines which cater to different skin types, my favourite is the sensitive range!

Here are a few of my favs including this amazing gift set and can all be bought in boots! The gift sets are also available on Look Fantastic so why not treat yourself to one?

Johnny Loves Rosie:

There are some absolutely beautiful pieces available, jewellery, bags, purses etc.

One of my top picks is this beautiful rose gold bow necklace, it’s such an elegant piece.

All their items are available to buy in House of Fraser and directly on their website.

Urban Decay Cosmetics:

This has to be one of my favourite brands, I absolutely love their eyeshadow palettes and my new favourite is the Naked Cherry palette, it is the perfect palette for Autumn/ Winter!

It is available in all UD stores and Debenhams stores across the U.K.

If you know someone who loves make up and struggling what to buy them, this is definitely a great option!

Morphe Brushes:

I am a HUGE fan of Morphe, I am so glad that they now have a store near me in Westfield. I have recently picked up a few new bits and would highly recommend them!

Both of these items are great as stocking fillers or a gift to add to a main present.

They can both be picked up in the Morphe stores but also online, so if you’d like to treat yourself to these after Christmas then why not?

So that rounds up my last min gifting ideas for 2018!

I wanted to also thank you all for your support, reading and commenting on my blog posts. There will definitely be lots more to come in 2019!

Have a great Christmas and see you all back here in 2019!

Hugs, Kirsty Marie x

The 5 perfect Perfumes – a Gift Guide 2018!

The festive season is fast approaching and I’m definitely getting in the Christmas spirit!

Strangely enough this year I’m actually very nearly finished shopping, so unlike me!

But I thought I would share with you all my favourite perfumes at the moment, they would most definitely make a great present for your mum, sister, aunt, girlfriend…. I’m sure you get where I’m going with this! I know I absolutely love receiving a new perfume at Christmas, it soon becomes my go to winter scent.

I thought I’d share with you all a range of prices / scents so you have plenty to chose from!

So above is an over view, but I thought I’d detail one by one why I would recommend them, retail price, places to buy etc.

Gucci Bloom – £65.00 (50ml)

A perfect floral fragrance, it’s light but lasts all day. It has the most beautiful tuberose and jasmine notes.

Armani Si – £69.00 (50ml)

This is one of my favourites for a night out where I need to smell gorgeous into the wee hours!

It has beautiful vanilla, patchouli and woody base notes which definitely are prominent.

It’s definitely a timeless fragrance, I’d say this can be worn be anyone from your 16 year old sister to your 85 year old nan!

Misguided Boss Babe – £28 (80ml)

This is a fragrance I love wearing on a day to day basis, it smells amazing and lasts the whole working day. Also I mean it’s called boss babe, so it leaves me feeling like a boss!

I’m finding there’s a little theme with my top 5 perfumes, this one is also quite floral and contains vanilla but also has musk and sandalwood so that definitely balances out the floral notes.

I’d definitely say this is a fragrance targeting a younger audience, I’m 27 and I LOVE it, so 16-35 range?

Jo Malone Cologne- £47 (30ml)

There are so many Jo Malone fragrances I love, I have picked two of my favourites, there are many reasons why but I find that they both have a very unique scent I can’t compare to any other fragrances.

They last beautifully throughout the day and mellow down as they can be a little strong when first applied, does depend if your like me and spray 10000 sprays though!

  • Honeysuckle and Davana
  • Mimosa and Cardamom

Ysl Mon Paris – £71.50 (50ml)

So I saved the most expensive for last BUT this is worth every penny! If I have an event or a special occasion this is what I wear.

It’s citrus floral perfection with gorgeous hints of grapefruit and rose, it’s definitely a grown up scent and would make the perfect gift for any female in your family who you want to have an extra special gift this Christmas.

So that wraps up my perfume gift guide for 2018 (pun totally intended)!

I hope this helps if your struggling to chose a fragrance for a loved one, I can whole heartedly recommend these, they have all been tried and tested MANY times!

All are available from apart from the Jo Malone fragrances which are available directly from

Happy gift shopping 🛍

Hugs, Kirsty Marie – x

Gingerbread Spice – Too Faced!

With it being the lead up to Christmas I’m 100% there for all things festive and the scents we associate with Christmas.

When I found out that Too Faced were going to be bringing out a Gingerbread scented palette as part of their Christmas collection it was definitely added to my wish-list!

The palette is a mixture of both matte and shimmer shades which have the cutest festive names. This is definitely the perfect palette for all your Christmas looks, it has such a versatile range of shades you can go from a shopping day to a night out with just the one palette.

So, I’m guessing you all want to see it right?

I think my 3 favourite shades have to be “Spice is nice” which is the orange warm tone, then “Bake it till you make it” the shade under the gold. Lastly followed by “Lookie at my Cookie” which is the baby pink in the second left row.

As with all Too Faced palettes the formula of these is beautiful and blends effortlessly making it perfect for not only MUAs but everyone.

It does retail at £39 which I think is a fair price for the quality and amount of shades in the palette, it’s also in a metal case so definitely protects your shadows when traveling.

At the moment I believe it is sold out everywhere in the U.K. apart from Selfridges, I did however purchase mine from ASOS who do stock Too Faced products.

Is this beauty on your wish list this year?

If you have it what’s your favourite shade?

Hugs Kirsty-Marie x

Not a G&T… try a Skin&T!

I’m sure you will have all heard of the brand Pixi Beauty before? If not where have you been!

I was SUPER excited when a package from Pixi arrived for me last Saturday, I couldn’t wait to see what was inside!

It was a package of their full range of Skin Toners, they have always had the famous “Glow Tonic” but they have recently added to the family and now have “Retinol Tonic” and “Rose Tonic” too! They are all packed with skin essentials but for slightly different purposes.

I thought I would break down what the differences are with each of them and the key ingredients:

Glow Tonic:

Retails at £10 for 100ml

  • Helps to tone and tighten skin
  • Contains 5% Glycolic acid which is a gentle exfoliator
  • Contains Aloe Vera
  • Alcohol free
  • Leaves you with smooth, bright skin

Retinol Tonic:

Retails at £10 for 100ml

  • Youth preserving Retinol Tonic which helps to rejuvenate skin
  • Helps to bring out a youthful glow
  • Soothes sensitive skin, so although it’s retinol it isn’t a no go for sensitive skin
  • Packed with antioxidants
  • Includes Jasmin flower which makes it smell gorgeous

Rose Tonic:

Retails at £10 for 100ml

  • Extremely soothing, calms skin and reduces redness
  • Has various nutrients to balance your skins pH
  • Rehydrates and refreshes skin
  • Gently removes impurities leaving a beautiful complexion

I can not wait to try all three of the tones and get my skin looking perfect! I’m just figuring out which one to go for first! Help needed?!

Have you tried any of the Pixi Toners?

What was your favourite?

Hugs, Kirsty -Marie 💕

Blush, Bronze, Blush 🖌

Happy “hump” day all!

This week I received a lovely gift from Phase Zero.

They have recently launched two brand new editions to their brand, bronzer and blusher. There are quiet a few different shades to chose from which cater to all skin tones.

These are the two blushers and bronzer I was very kindly gifted:

As you can see they are contained in a matte black rectangular compact, they also have a mirror inside so perfect for using on the go.

I thought it would be good to also show you them individually so you can see the shades I picked.

The Blushers:

Cotton Candy – £7.50

It is a very soft pink shade and perfect for light skin tones or a natural makeup look.

Heart Throb – £7.50

It is quiet a vibrant pink, you definitely wouldn’t need to apply a lot! I’d say this is the one for medium/ darker skin tones or someone who likes a vibrant glam look.

The Bronzer:

Hidden Agenda – £7.50;jsessionid=806C9A96BA4E6A30942669957E97D59C.jvm1/product/LMB-PZ-BRONZER

It’s definitely more of a cool toned bronzer. Perfect for also using as a contour shade. I feel it would definitely be better for light / medium tones.

I can definitely say the formula of all three products is spot on, it blends seamlessly and doesn’t go patchy throughout the day. It also has a beautiful coconut / tropical scent which isn’t over powering so if your someone who doesn’t really enjoy scented products this shouldn’t effect you.

I am hoping that more shades will soon arrive in the bronzer as I do need a slightly darker shade for when I have a tan 🙂

*Hint Hint Phase Zero*

Also Phase Zero have given me a discount code to share with you all, if you use “KIRSTYB05” at check out you will get £5 off your order!

Will you be picking any of these beauty’s up?

Hugs, Kirsty x

The Sweet Smell Of Christmas 🎄

I don’t know about you but one of my favourite things about Autumn is that’s when all the new beauty Christmas collections are revealed.

I mean it’s still 11 weeks until Christmas but it’s never to early to start getting excited is it?

Saying that these minis from Too Faced are the first thing I have picked up from any of the holiday collections, I just couldn’t resist!

These four stunning minis are all scented and smell like some of my Christmas favourites. They are all the famous melted matte formula which I personally love, it dries down totally matte but it is very comfortable and not drying at all.

I thought I would show you the shade on the applicators as it can be deceiving in the tubes. Also the shade names are all listed below too.

From left to right: Hot Buttered Rum, Sugar Cookie, Pumpkin Spice, Cinnamon Bear.

I think my favourite shade has to be Sugar Cookie, it’s a beautiful pinkish Nude which is one of my favourite shades in any lipsticks.

There are definitely a few other items from the Too Faced Christmas collection I want to pick up such as the Gingerbread Spice eyeshadow palette, that has some gorgeous warm tones and shimmers perfect for this time of year!

Will you be picking up any of the Too Faced Christmas collection?

Hugs, Kirsty x

Charlotte Tilbury – Pillow Talk collection – A Review:

I can honestly say when I heard this collection was going to be released I was 100% picking it up as soon as it was released, even if it meant toast until payday!

I am a huge fan of Charlotte Tilbury products, not only for the beautiful packaging but the amazing quality of the products, the Pillow Talk collection DID NOT DISAPPOINT!

So for anyone who hasn’t seen this collection, I don’t know where you have been (joking), but it is made up of 4 products.

They are:

  • Matte Revolution Lipstick
  • Lip Cheat
  • Cheek to Chic (New)
  • Luxury Eyeshadow Palette (New)

I already had the two lip products but needed to pick up the two new releases, I was actually lucky enough to find a link to order them early…… Yes that’s how excited I was!

So moving forward to the day they arrived…. I was at work at the time so couldn’t play with them straight away but they were even more gorgeous in person!

The luxury eyeshadow palette has 4 shades, 2 which are mattes and 2 shimmers. They all work amazingly together to create a beautiful natural eye look, absolutely perfect for a wedding look! They are highly pigmented and blend seamlessly so even if you aren’t a professional you wouldn’t have any issues!

Lastly moving onto the Cheek to Chic blush, it is the usual two toned blush which I love however this one has a gorgeous champagne colour in the middle which adds the most beautiful sheen to your skin when applied. I’d even wear this on its own if I was having a minimal makeup day as it would leave a radiant glow!

My over all thoughts…. is the collection worth buying? 1000% YES!!!!

It is only available online though so you will need to order it from the Charlotte Tilbury website but their delivery times are great!

Hope you’ve enjoyed my thoughts on this highly covered release!

Hugs, Kirsty x

September Wish list

Hey All, 👋🏼

So I recently asked on my Instagram stories if my next blog post should be a wish list for September and that got the most votes!

I am FOREVER buying new skincare and make up and the products below are ones I have my eye on this month.

I haven’t included the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk collection as I was lucky enough to be able to order that early and it’s on its way to me! It’s a seriously stunning collection!

So here goes, (pray for my bank balance this month):

Nars – Climax Mascara – £21:

This looked amazing when watching the blogs from the press trip, I much prefer a bigger fluffy brush for my lashes.

You can sign up to the waitlist on Cult Beauty using the below:

Benefit – Brow Contour Pro – £28.50:

This brings back serious childhood memories I absolutely loved the pens with changeable colours so this has gripped me! You get two brow shades and two highlight / conceal shades so it’s a full brow kit in one handy easy to use place.

All shades are blend able and last up to 24 hours. The only reservation I have is how long it would actually last as it is a fair bit more expensive than the other brow products.

You can purchase this using the link below:

Urban Decay – Born to run palette – £39.50:

I mean who wouldn’t want this palette, it has such a stunning range of shades and would be a great travelling palette as you could create so many looks!

I love the formula of UD shadows too, I find they are really easy to work with!

Click below to get your hands on this beauty:

I will be adding other bits as and when they become available and catch my eye!

What are you going to get your hands on this month?

Hugs, Kirsty x

What’s my favourite Jo Malone scent?

Like I’m sure many of you are too I am a HUGE Jo Malone fan, there is something about the brand and the fragrances that make me feel so classy and upmarket.

Many people I have spoken to seem to have one particular scent that they can’t not repurchase, well I’m also 100% guilty of this so I thought I would share it with you.

My all time favourite has to be Mimosa and Cardamom, to me it’s a warm yet floral summery scent. It’s top notes are Cardamom, heart note Mimosa and the base note is Tonka bean.

Here is a snap of my back up 30ml as my current one has almost run out (heartbroken):


All Jo Malone Cologne’s last amazingly throughout the day, even when I have sprayed it at 8am by 5pm I can still smell it on me.  I have had several people ask what I am wearing when I have reached for my favourite in the morning which instantly makes me feel amazing!

I’m hoping to pick up one or two of the new scents when I am near a Jo Malone, possibly a body crème or candle too. I mean why not!!

What’s your favourite Jo Malone scent?

Hugs, Kirsty x

My FIRST EVER Blog Post & An Old Favourite product!

So firstly welcome to my blog and my first ever post! I must admit I am pretty nervous writing this as its a totally new experience for me.

I decided to start blogging after being on social media for just under a year and wanted to be able to write more in-depth reviews.

So I’m going to stop rambling now and get on with talking to you about one of my first EVER high end blushers which is still an absolute staple in my cosmetics collection now!

NARS Orgasm Blusher:

I can almost picture my mums face when I asked her for this blusher as a teenage girl, she looked slightly baffled by the name of it and wondered what on Earth her teenage daughter was asking for. Nevertheless she kindly bought it for me and I have loved it ever since, it’s a must have for me.

When I heard that there was going to be a limited edition larger size I knew I had to get my hands on it. Here it is below:

It’s a beautiful warm pink with hints of gold shimmer so leaves a lovely healthy glow to your skin without being harsh. It’s one of those blushes you can wear on a minimal make up day and doesn’t leave you with extremely rosey cheeks! It’s also very easy to blend and doesn’t leave stripes even on top of a cream / liquid base, I always use a nice fluffy blusher brush to apply!

I love Nars as a brand but this is definitely the product that started that for me.

What’s your favourite Nars product?

I hope you’ve enjoyed my first post, feel free to leave me a comment!

Hugs, Kirsty 💕